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1999 “Belmont’s Leu Gallery becomes featured Webb site.” The Westview Newspaper (Nashville), September 9, 1999, p. 14.

Belmont’s Leu Gallery becomes featured Webb site

The work of Nashville native Sarah Webb will be featured Sept. 7-26 in Belmont University’s Leu Gallery. This solo exhibit, presented in conjunction with the Sept. 24-26 opening of Belmont’s new Leu Center for the Visual Arts, is Webb’s first public display in Nasheville and more than five years.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Webb began oil paining at the age of twelve. She received her formal art training at the University of Tennessee, where she graduated with honors, and later did postgraduate studies in art history at Vanderbilt University. During the 1970s and early 1980s she continue her studies independently in Europe’s leading art institutions.

1977 was the beginning of many trips to Europe, and it was there that she developed her philosophy of art and a distinct style all of her own. Since 1983, Webb has maintained a studio in London from which she makes excursions to the Continent. Dividing her time between America and Europe as enable her to capture the best of both worlds.

Webb is known for her realistic portrayals of European society and her figure studies of women. She has lived and worked in Europe for the past six (sixteen) years, except for visits back to Nashville. Webb is the recipient of numerous awards and is the first American to be inducted in the London-based Society of Women Artist.