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1991 "Jeans: Definitely Universal Language." Jeans Flash: Jeanswear Communications (Los Angles, CA), January 18, 1991, p. 6.

Jeans: Definitely Universal Language

Nashville is best known as the country music capital of the world and home of the Grand Ole Opry. However, we recently discovered that it is also the home of an extraordinary artist by the name of Sarah Webb. Sarah and her husband actually divide their time between London and Nashville. She has been receiving notice by art critics in both cities.

Sarah was brought to our attention because of her “Blue Jeans Series.” Her explanations of these paintings was that she wanted to do a group of paintings representative of life as she sees it today. According to Sarah, “after looking around, it was readily apparent that blue jeans are the most obvious symbol of our generation. Blue jeans are the universal attire that currently crosses all cultural and geographic boundaries.”